Szczecin Tattoo Convention



How can I participate in Szczecin Tattoo Convention?

If you are representing a tattoo studio, go to REGISTRATION and follow the instructions. If you are a visitor, just buy a presale ticket here, or buy one at the entrance and enjoy all the attractions prepared by us.

Where and how can I buy a ticket?

Pre-sale will be soon available on the Internet.

Also, you can buy a ticket at the entrtance in a ticket office. Credit cards will be accepted.

Is it possible to pay with a credit card at the event?

Credit cards will be accepted in a ticket office. Please be prepared to bring some cash with you if you want to buy something from our exhibitors.

Once I bought a ticket, can I leave and re-enter the STC?

Every ticket is replaced with a wristband that allows you to leave and re-enter the STC at any time. Depending on which option you chose (a 1-day or 2-day ticket) the bands will have different colours and allow you to participate in the sideshows, including afterparties. The writsband that is damaged or taken off is not valid.

Can I take the wristband off?

Only if you are sure you don't want to re-enter the STC, the sideshows or afterparties. A valid wristband, i.e. not damaged nor taken off, is the only pass to the event.

I want to attend concerts only and not the convention. Can I buy a ticket that includes only some parts of the event?

All the attractions surrounding the STC, i.e. shows, concerts, exhibitions, require one ticket that allows you to attend all of them.

Is having a tattoo mandatory to attend the STC?

Of course not. But once you attended the convention, you will feel the urge to have one!

Can I have a tattoo done at the STC?

Yes. Follow the news feed where you can find the list of artists participating in the convention. Some of them are still looking for models. Or, if you like some artist or a tattoo studio in a particular, contact them directly.

Can I take a child with me?

Yes. Your child should also find something interesting for them. All the children under 12 y.o. enter the event for free under condition that they are accompanied by an adult carer with a valid ticket and they can document child's age.

Can I take a pet with me?

No. Animals will not be let in, mainly due to strict sanitary reasons (especially while tattooing). Guide dogs must be reported earlier at the info desk.

Is there a car park for visitors?

Yes but keep in mind that the parking space is limited. Also, to avoid getting stuck in traffic jams, we recommend the use of public transport..

Can I take photos / bring my own photo equipment / record anything during the STC?

If you're going to use it for yourown purposes, then yes. If you're a professional, contact us for a special permission. Remember to always ask an artist or a model if they don't mind taking pics of them.

Can I bring my own food with me?

There will be a lot of places serving different kinds of food at the STC so it's better to leave your food at home.

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