Szczecin Tattoo Convention


Szczecin Tattoo Convention

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Szczecin Tattoo Convention

Szczecin Tattoo Convention is a place connecting all admirers, enthusiasts and interested in tattoo art. Only during these two days in Szczecin you can meet tattoo artists from all over Poland, Europe and even the world and see live how they work.

It is the perfect place to expand your knowledge of the tattoo during meetings, exhibitions, shows and conversations with representatives of this art. Here you can see the best efforts in the industry for titles and statuettes, or decide to do a tattoo.

The convention, however, is primarily a two-day festival and fun for people of all ages and an ideal way to spend an autumn weekend for the whole family.

  • eddition of Szczecin Tattoo Convention

  • of October 2019 Arena Szczecin

  • visitors

  • exhibitors from Poland, Europe and world

  • days of fun 

  • Attractions for entire families

  • Charity actions for children

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Azoty Arena ul. Władysława Szafera 3/5/7

  • Szczecin Główny Railway stationyou can go  by bus 75 – final stop Szafera